Monday, 3 December 2012

The Blog from Barnsley

Hello to the virtual world from the Heart of Barnsley!

Day 1 of my 'week in the life' of Get IT Together Barnsley Project Coordinator.

Off to a flying start with our weekly conference call today at 9.30am, featuring colleagues from Wales, Northern Ireland, Cornwall and Kirklees sharing their highs, lows and future plans. I love to hear the round up across the country- our own little Citizens Online 'shipping forecast' to ease us into the working week. I was refusing to admit to any 'lows' as I have had a lovely weekend away in the Lake District- so I'm sharing a picture from our walk around the lake- it was bright and cold, just how I like it!

view across Buttermere, Saturday 1st December 2012
Like project coordinators everywhere, the end of the month brings the twin moons of monthly reports and expenses to get in to the central team so I will be finishing those off this morning and trying to recruit a few more learners for an Online Shopping for Christmas course starting tomorrow at Horizon Community College.

This afternoon I'm going along to an Open Day at  Dodworth Library to promote new course opportunities and work with Steve, one of my volunteers, to support anyone who comes along to get online. Branch Libraries are a great assett for project coordinators like me- fantastic venues in which to hold taster sessions and events as they are already familiar to a wide cross section of the community and people feel comfortable accessing facilities and services there. I'm currently working in 3 libraries in Barnsley and I have to say the staff are always great at promoting digital inclusion. I hope to post a few pics from the event later!

... and here we are, a couple of shots from Dodworth Library Open Day!
Meet Steve, one of my volunteer tutors supporting a couple of ladies come to terms with a new laptop;


Steve recently attended a financial inclusion training session for volunteers that I arranged, so I took the opportunity this afternoon to present him with his certificate. I think he's starting to feel like a celebrity now!


  1. Well done Alison, look forward to reading more tomorrow!!

  2. Love the blog Alison, and the lake district looks amazing!