Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Day 2 - another busy day!

Greenwood Centre in Ravensthorpe

Today, I attended the weekly drop In (which I set up earlier this year) at the Greenwood centre library in Ravensthorpe. The Greenwood centre is occupied by both the library service and the Childrens centre and both organisations have been really supportive of the Get IT Together project. Take a look at one of my learners practising his keyboard skills using an interactive website called 'doorways online'.

There's always lots to do at the drop in;  such as supporting learners with Job search activity, setting up email accounts, searching addresses on Google earth and much more.  We do have Maryam, the tutor and volunteers on hand but I like to lend a hand when needed. Whilst I was there, I helped print and laminate certificates of achievement for tomorrow's final session of a 6 week course at Boothroyd Junior school.  Whilst I was there last week, we shot a video of a learner talking about what she had learnt on the course and I received an email from our central team to say it had been uploaded to youtube, FB and twitter.  Take a look at the short video by clicking on the link below:


At the end of my day, I received a phone call from a vicar who invited me to their luncheon club in early January, with a view to helping them set up and develop some IT classes for their Bridge club group in Birstall.

Never a dull day in the life of a Citizens Online PC!! That's me blogged for today and will update you tomorrow.

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