Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Day 3- It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Day 3- Captains Log, stardate 5th December: too close to Christmas to get everything done!

View from the garden centre!
It was an icy start in Barnsley today- thought I would share this image of hubby scraping ice off my car at 8am, not because it's a winning picture but because it vindicates my purchase of a delightful glove ice scraper last year. Yes!

It was then a tentative drive through pretty little Pennine villages this morning for a meeting with my Citizens Online colleague Lorraine from Kirklees. We met at a coffee shop in a garden centre in between Barnsley and Huddersfield to discuss the technicalities of taking video clips for the project; how to upload to drop box, improving the sound quality when using iPhones, and protocols around filming learners and volunteers. We also shared a few frustrations around all the technical stuff that can get in the way of just doing the job- poor connectivity, compatibility of devices and having to get up to speed ourselves on all this stuff. We definitely had no time at all for a quick look round the centre. Definitely not.

This afternoon I attended a meeting at Kirk Balk Community College where we discussed how to improve opportunities for active participation in community life for pupils of the school and for the wider community. I am involved with supporting Internet Rangers activity in the school and we are planning to introduce regular sessions led by pupils where they will help older people in the community to get online. At the meeting today Deputy Head Roger Goodwin confirmed that the superb facilities at the school could be used from 3.30pm for project activity and for progression courses for adults. As I have a few classes running in this area of Barnsley I am hopeful that something can be sorted out early next year. Home to blog and catch up on emails!



  1. Hope you had some mince pies with your coffees

    1. I had a ginger biscuit and Lorraine had a veggie breakfast- it seemed a bit early for mince pies!