Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Becoming a Digital Champion...

Christine Waterson is one of our wonderful digital champions from Grantown on Spey. She shares her experiences of helping other people to get online.

I was reluctantly dragged kicking and screaming into the age of information technology so I fully appreciate that people of my generation find it difficult to comprehend how amazing it is, particularly the iPad which really is the best thing since sliced bread and does everything, but make the tea and do the ironing!

I was more than happy to help get these citizens online and learnt a lot myself.  As a qualified IT Trainer in my working life, it felt good to share my expertise and see inexperienced users grow in confidence.

The iPad and Tablet sessions have now become a 'must' on Monday mornings.  Newcomers are welcomed by the regulars who eagerly pass on their knowledge.  Undoubtedly this opportunity has made a difference to the lives of quite a few residents in this part of the world, not only by revealing the many wonders of the worldwide web, but also putting people in touch and making new friends.

There is always a great deal of banter and a lot of laughs, particularly as Siri struggles to recognise the Scottish accent! Citizens (mostly senior) online is certainly thriving in the Highlands and we now look forward to running sessions for laptop users which we hope will be equally successful.

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