Thursday, 22 January 2015

Get IT Together - Gywnedd answers your digital inclusion questions

Daniel Richards, Project Coordinator for Get IT Together - Gwynedd writes a regular newspaper column for The Daily Post,  answering readers questions about IT and digital inclusion:

Q1 – I am getting a lot of emails at the moment from companies wanting to help with debts –though I do not have any! How do they get my details and how do I stop them?

A1 – Your email address is no more a secret than your house address and post code is – anyone can get the information, but knowing a Mr Green lives in  Picket Cottage does not tell you anything about him or his life. Just after Christmas you should expect emails advising of help with debt, weight loss etc .

The senders go for what is in the news as worrying us the most. You cannot stop them, but best to try and reduce them by putting in the junk file as you receive them. Have a look through your junk mail as well – you will soon see their pattern. Please ensure you never open any attachment though – no matter how much they say the voucher is worth!

Q2 I am trying to help my friend get more use out of their internet – they now shop and use email - any suggestions of anything else we can try?

A2 Something new for you to try is joining your local library, and understanding what they have on offer online. I have been using their e-books service for a while, and think it is great – but recently I have started using their e-magazine service, where you can download, for free, copies of your favourite reads. Ask at your local library for more information.

Q3  I have been with my internet provider for 5 years, with no problems- but recently I have been taking more note of the various advertised prices from both their competitors, and my own supplier as well! Is changing supplier a lot of trouble?

A3 The broadband market is full of super deals, especially if you include your phone line as part of the package. I have recently changed from paying over £40 per month for both, to just paying line rental and getting the broadband for free!

If you do your research, and gather your info well, it should be no hassle. The old and new supplier should agree a date to handover, and you get your new box to connect. Remember you will need to connect all your devices to the new broadband, and there is a good chance you will lose all your emails if your old supplier gave you an email address for free.

Now might be the time to set up a new email address that is internet based e.g. Hotmail – so you do not get the same hassle the next time you swap.

For further information or to book a place on a course in Gwynedd, please contact:

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