Thursday, 24 October 2013

Some people just need a break

Volunteer Callum secures employment
Sometimes you meet someone who you know full well has so much to give to a prospective employer that you would like to talk to them and explain why they should take this person on, Callum is one of those people.

Callum joined Get Caerphilly Online as a volunteer in December 2012 just in time for the launch of our Digital Fridays sessions in Caerphilly libraries.  As someone who was poached from “out of county” Callum’s best location was Blackwood due to a direct bus link from his home.  With excellent IT skills Callum patiently supported everyone with their digital needs who come into our busiest Digital Fridays location.

As Callum got used to other members of the team he expressed an interest in taking on additional volunteer hours in an administrative capacity to develop his experience of the workplace.  Luckily we were able to host him at our (Wales Co-operative Centre) office in Abercynon, just a short train journey up from his home.  Prompt with excellent communication, Callum was always keen to come in and help out and learn.  He blended well into the team but thinking about it I’m unsure whether he ever made a cup of tea hmmmm and did everything that was asked of him and more, trying out different designs and bringing new ideas to the table.

It was clear that if he could get interviews and be himself, which is hard for most people in interview he would soon get that break.  He never gave in and after only 8 months with us he landed his first permanent job.  While sad to see any volunteer leave that is exactly why we do it.  Volunteering is about giving someone a worthwhile experience and one that they get something from whether that is experience, the pleasure of helping others or socialising.  People like Callum deserve success; doing all they can to get on, persevering until they achieve that break.

It is also nice to keep in touch and check how things are going, this is what Callum had to say: “I'm very grateful for the voluntary opportunity I had with GCO which led to additional volunteering in the office of their partner organisation Communities 2.0. Without it I wouldn't be working in the field I've been trying to get a job in for well over a year so a huge thank you to the GCO team and to Matt for allowing me to work in the office. It was great working with everyone as they are all so friendly and I could be myself around them which I think is really important when participating in a project such as this. I will miss you all and I hope you help many more people to get online and discover the benefits and importance of technology in our ever-changing world!”

Blog post by Matthew Lloyd, Communities 2.0 ICT Broker for Caerphilly

Get IT Together - Caerphilly is a partnership between Citizens Online; BT, through their Connected Society programme; Caerphilly Council, Communities 2.0 and Get Caerphilly Online (part of Communities 2.0).

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